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About Us

About Us

Our core interests are in Healthcare, Medical Technology and Wellness.

We invest in and develop products & services that are primarily aimed at sustaining the planet or creating a world that is for the health and betterment of mankind.

Historically we have, over a 17 year period, invested in technological advances in areas such as Cancer Research (developing cutting edge Saliva Diagnostic Platforms), Stem Cell Research, Biological Nano-Technology, Internet Based Remote Diagnostics & Surgery Applications, DNA based Personalised Medicine (predicting disease risk and prescribing appropriate treatment), Digital AI based Diagnostics and Medical Prognosis.

A natural extension of our combined expertise and experience is manifested by our management of assets in the Healthcare and Wellness industries. We are currently working on the development and construction of specialised Medical Resorts in both Malaysia and Thailand. These are focused on what we perceive to be the three leading global health risks in the world; Cardiology, Cancer, Diabetes.